Spotless Cleaning Contractors now use a Hot Pure Water Reach & Wash System, giving many benefits over traditional ‘ladder and bucket’ methods. Benefits that cover almost every aspect of the cleaning process, for us, for our operatives, for the environment and, of course, for you.

Traditional window cleaning is still avalible on customer request.

Here at Spotless Cleaning Contractors we also clean Fascias, Soffits and Conservatories.


High reach poles deliver chemically pure hot water to heights up to 74 feet. This almost entirely eliminates the use of ladders - we only use ladders to gain access on some properties.

This simple step allows our operatives to remain on the ground during cleaning: a much safer method and one which enables us to meet the latest Health & Safety Executive proposals for working at height. By using us to clean your windows, you can be sure that you’re employing a company using the safest window cleaning system available today.


Hot pure water consists of just two elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen - hence the chemical name H20. Typically ‘clean’ water contains many elements; Aluminium, Chloride, Copper, Fluoride, Foaming Agents, Iron, Manganese, Silver, Sulfates, and Zinc - and that’s just drinking water!

The quality of our water is the same as used in laboratory processes and we regularly test our water using a ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ meter to ensure its purity, giving a spotless, streak-free, smear-free finish!

Cleaner for longer...

All those extra chemicals decrease water’s ability to clean and leaves residues, smears, calcium deposits and other unwanted impurities dried onto your window. Residues are also left by chemicals traditionally use to clean. Detergents leave a sticky film, increasing dirt build up and making cleaning harder. Due to the sterile state the windows are left in after pure water cleaning, future contanimation and build up of dirt is much slower process.

Better for the environment

There are about 180,000 UK window cleaners still using detergents, with a potential use of up to half a kilo of detergent in a day. All that run-off returns to the ground and pollutes the water table.

Pure water use is the only choice for those that care about the environment and our planet. With no added chemicals or detergents, there is no danger to your plants, pets and - most of all - your family.

Better for you

If you’re using an upper room, like a bedroom, bathroom, or are changing, the last thing you want is a window cleaner's head popping over the window sill! Our high reach pole system, means we remain on the ground: no embarrasment for you, no embarrasment for our operative - and your modesty is preserved!

No ladders also means no holes in your prized lawn or borders, and no damage to your property whilst manouvering. Our poles are very light, generally made of glass or carbon fibre or a light metal alloy.